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The Lost Chapters

Hi, my name is Patrick Matthews. I’m the author of Dragon Run.

During the course of writing a novel, a lot of the story ends up not making it into the final book. There are many different reasons for dropping a scene, and not all of them are "it wasn’t good enough."

Here are some of my lost scenes, along with a little writer's commentary before each one. Whether you're a fan of the book looking for a little deeper insight into Al and his friends, or a writer curious about my process, I hope you enjoy them.

I’ll be adding more scenes as I get them polished up.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think!

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About the Author

Patrick Matthews is a game designer and writer living in Central Florida. His most recent game is called Distraction.

For more information about Patrick, visit his web site, www.pat-matthews.com.