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On the map, everything south of Sadraki belongs to Lord Gronar. His emblem is a river running out of the mountains. Lord Gronar bows to Lord Archovar, who rules over all the dragons.

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DragonRun Map RiverWay TheThumb Brighton Stelton PilgrommorHouse Castle Surflienne Dockside The North Road Mountain Way The Uillien Sadraki Tlirian The River Flienne The Waters Blessing The Fingers

River Way

River Way is a wide busy road that runs parallel to the River Flienne. It connects the city of Dockside (and Castle Surflienne) with cities to the south. In addition to trade, it is vital to the migrant workers who move with the harvest, travelling from farm to farm to support themselves.


The Thumb

The hills to the east of Castle Surflienne appear on a map to be the fingers of a hand reaching southward. Consequently, they are known as The Fingers. The westernmost of The Fingers is called The Thumb. Not nearly as tall as the mountains to the north, crossing The Thumb is no easy task.


The Fingers

East of Castle Surflienne, five lines of hills extend out of the mountains, like a giant hand reaching southward. They are called The Fingers. Anywhere else, these hills might be considered mountains, but here, within sight of the towering mountains of the north, people think of them as hills.



With no major tradeways connecting to it, Brighton is a quiet city of farmers and woodsmen. It sits on the eastern edge of The Thumb, and most of its people make their living farming the fields in the fertile valley that lies between The Thumb and the first of The Fingers.



The city of Stelton is smaller than either Brighton or Dockside. A merchant town, it is a popular rest stop for traders travelling to or from Brighton.


The Pilgrommor House

Orion Pilgrommor is the Overseer for the farms south of Castle Surflienne. He is a stern but popular man, one who treats his farmers well. His house sits on a hill among the fields, but his door is always open to those who work for him.


Castle Surflienne

The imposing castle known as Surflienne has stood on its hill next to Dockside for longer than anyone can remember. It is most well known for the annual Testing Day festival, when 12-year-olds from all across Lord Gronar’s lands come to learn their rank. Testing Day happens every year, right after the harvest.



The gateway to the north, the docks of Dockside are always busy. Unfortunately, much of the rest of the city has fallen on hard times. Poverty, desperation, and corruption are everywhere, making it a dangerous place for outsiders. If you do visit, though, be sure to stop by The Hook and Hand, maker of the best cider in all Dockside.


The North Road

The North Road connects Dockside to the mountains, and the lands of the windwalkers and earthers. Trade with these lands has declined in recent years, but the North Road remains a safe and well-maintained track.


Mountain Way

In places little wider than a single wagon, Mountain Way is nevertheless an important trade route that connects the lands of Lord Gronar with the lands that bow directly to Lord Archovar. Trade used to be fairly steady along Mountain Way, but in recent years it has declined sharply.


The Uillien

Winding its way through, and eventually into, the mountains, the Uillien carries travellers deep into the stone cities of the earthers.



Few places are as remote as the mysterious city of T’lirian. A tall forbidding castle dominates the countryside, and the harsh clang of training soldiers echoes constantly across the snows.


The Flienne

Broad and long, the river Flienne is used for trade, travel, and pleasure. It flows from the northern mountains all the way down to Wingwater Gulf and the ocean to the south.



Nestled high in the mountains, the windwalker city of Sadraki is the home of the College of Magisters. It is here that the dragons’ chosen ones learn to use magic, and are sent forth to govern and protect. It is home to many windwalkers, as well as the legendary Magister Lundi.


The Water’s Blessing

Many inns and wayrests lie along River Way, and The Water’s Blessing is among the finest of them. Elegant and sophisticated, but with a country charm, this inn invites wealthy patrons to spend a night warming themselves by its grand fireplace. Maybe you would like to charter a boat onto the Flienne? For the less adventurous, come fish off our pier, or watch the fishermen bring in their fresh catch each day.
Rank 3 or higher only, please.

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