The Mortal Races

When the dragons created the five mortal races, they created one for each different type of Potentia: earth, air, water, fire, and life. These races now cover much of the world, gathering Potentia for their masters.


Called Lifers by the other races, humans gather life Potentia for the dragons. They live in places filled with life: towns, forests, and fields. The humans of Dragon Run are just like us. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.


By far the least numerous of the races, the firekin live on and near volcanos, gathering for the dragons the most dangerous and deadly type of Potentia: Fire.

Perhaps because of how dangerous their environment is, their society is based around small family units. Their loyalty to each other, and to those they call friends, is unshakeable.


Inhabiting the rivers and oceans of the world, waterfolk have scales, gills, and long limbs that make them powerful swimmers.

Equally comfortable above water and below, the waterfolk tend to live either on islands or in fabulous cities deep below the waves.

They tend to be lighthearted in nature, independent and easygoing.


The massive furred windwalkers are well suited to the rugged mountaintops where they live. As fierce and wild as the icy high altitude winds they harvest, they form the heart of the Sadraki Guard, the army of the College of Magisters.

Over the past few decades, windwalker society has started to fragment. While some stick to the old tribal ways, others are trying to step into the modern world.


Living in vast caverns, earthers collect the powerful and slow Earth Potentia from the deepest places they can reach.

Though oddly shaped, earthers have a rich wisdom and a surprising understanding of themselves and their world. Their language is nuanced and subtle, filled with meanings and ideas that most of the other races have not even considered.


Not all the creatures inhabiting the world are peaceful. Some, like the Rockeaters, live only for war. It is lucky that we have the dragons and their Magisters to protect us.

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