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The Boy With The Sword

“Matthews takes his exciting sword-and-sorcery tale to some unexpected places here, with well-drawn vignettes of Dockside society and a compelling backstory.”

- Kirkus Reviews

“Readers that enjoy action will gladly travel through this fantasy realm with the sword-wielding Al as he learns to manage his new-found powers and strength.”

- The Children’s Book Review

“Once again, Matthews has penned a simply riveting read that will be especially appreciated by all dedicated fantasy fans. Certain to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library”

- Midwest Book Review

“Effective worldbuilding, strong character development, and fast-paced action make for an entertaining adventure.”

- Kirkus Reviews

Dragon Run

“Dragon Run is a fresh, inventive, action-packed adventure with a good message”

- Provo Library Children’s Book Review

“Stories that shed light; colorful characters who help the young protagonists along; and a plot that keeps getting bigger and bigger propel this sleeper tale to a whiz-bang conclusion.”

- The Horn Book

“Matthews does an amazing job creating a group of characters who show real emotions in a way that readers will be able to commiserate with ... All in all, Dragon Run is a fantastic book.”

- Watchmacallit Reviews

“When the plot reached the last quarter mark, it ran furiously. Revelations struck, bam! War began, bam! The hero rushed to accomplish his mission before all hope was lost, bam, bam, bam! Action, action, action. I loved it!”

- Tolerably Smart

“Tattoos have a lot of significance in Dragon Run, which not only allow the use of magic, but also indicate rank and hometown of the person tattooed. It’s Matthews’ little details like these that create a great big world, one in which I hope to be in again.”

- Kids Books Central

“I started it in the parking lot while waiting for one of my children, continued to read it at a science fair while children and activities swirled around me, and finished it late last night.  Truly, the book is a page turner.”

- Books for Teens

“This gripping book is a must-read for all fantasy and magic lovers. Filled with adventure, humor, and loveable characters, I could not put this book down!”


“Sword fights, a mysterious society and an impossible quest keep this inventive fantasy moving at a fast clip.”

- Kirkus Reviews

“Fantasy fans will find much to enjoy in this action-filled adventure.”

- School Library Journal (not online)

“I found this book to be enthralling, yet all the time, I kept thinking to myself that this is not real and it is not going to happen to me. I absolutely loved Dragon Run in every way, shape, and form.”

- Jack (age 12)

“The writing style kept me turning pages, while the story line kept me interested. So it’s one of my favorites so far this year”

- Mock Newbery Book Club (school book club)

“Wow!  What a ride this author takes you on!  It starts off with a prideful Al who is quickly humbled by his Rank and the whole book is how he changes his life to really see as others see.  This is a great book to help students understand more about poverty and homeless, without them knowing about it!”

- Tamera Westhoff

“It is seldom that I am caught so completely off guard by a book, but it is wonderful when it happens! Patrick Matthews has hooked a new fan. I recommend the book to anyone of any age who is seeking a fast paced, exciting adventure story set in a believable, if exotic, world.”

- TeacherRates

“Dragon Run is one of those books that will get your most reluctant reader involved...  I loved the book and hope there will be further adventures with Al, his friends, the magisters, and the dragons. I am reading the book to my class and they beg to be read the next chapter each day.”

- Roxanne (4th grade teacher)

“It was an amazingly well-written, exciting adventure/fantasy story that I have shared with other adults and they all love it! It is a real page-turner and definitely worth reading!”

- 4th grade Teacher (Amazon review)

“I’ve talked about the book to only three classes and already the "on hold" queue for it is forcing me to order additional copies. Dragon Run is dystopian fiction for the younger set--I recommend it for grades 3”

- JudyHouser, Librarian

“It was a fabulous read: full of action, yet complex enough to keep me hooked till I turned the last page... It has great characters, lots of action, and a plot with many twists. How can you lose?”

- Cheriee, ESL Teacher & Librarian