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Everyone Loves Testing Day

Every fall, just after the harvest, families make their way to Castle Surflienne. They fill the fields around the ancient fortress, waiting to see how their children will be ranked.

Will this be the year that someone makes rank six? What about a seven? There hasn't been one of those since Magister Lundi. Could this be the day it happens again?

The festivities last deep into the night, with hot cider, spicy meat pies, and fun games for all.

Everyone loves Testing Day.

Being Tested

Testing Day is when the dragons assign every twelve-year-old mortal a rank. There’s nothing for you to do. Just sit back and let the dragon gaze deep into your soul. You'll be ranked, just like everyone else.

Score a seven, and you'll start training to be one of the most powerful people in the world.

A one, on the other hand, will make you an outcast, forbidden from owning property or even fathering children.

Are You Ready?

On Testing Day, your rank will be carved onto the back of your neck. From that moment on, you'll never have to worry about being mistaken for someone of a different rank.

Falling in love? Check your beloved's rank before things go too far. You wouldn't want to get stuck with a rank 2 or, even worse, a rank 1.

Learn your rank!

The Other Races

The five mortal races are ruled by the dragons, and have their ranks carved into them. Not all of them understand what an honor it is to be ranked. The Earthers, for example, call it Dividing Day.