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“Stories that shed light; colorful characters who help the young protagonists along; and a plot that keeps getting bigger and bigger propel this sleeper tale to a whiz-bang conclusion.”
- The Horn Book

Published by Scholastic, Dragon Run is the first in the Dragon Run series.


Al Pilgrommor has spent his whole life knowing that dragons are the masters of humanity.

They are our creators, our teachers, and our protectors. They are as far above us as we are above insects. It is only right that they should rule, only right that we should obey.

Or is it?

Dragon Run is the story of a twelve-year-old boy who is shunned by society and on the run from ruthless assassins.

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““Matthews does an amazing job creating a group of characters who show real emotions in a way that readers will be able to commiserate with ... All in all, Dragon Run is a fantastic book.””
- Watchmacallit Reviews

“I started it in the parking lot while waiting for one of my children, continued to read it at a science fair while children and activities swirled around me, and finished it late last night.  Truly, the book is a page turner.”
- Books for Teens

““It is seldom that I am caught so completely off guard by a book, but it is wonderful when it happens! Patrick Matthews has hooked a new fan. I recommend the book to anyone of any age who is seeking a fast paced, exciting adventure story set in a believable, if exotic, world.””
- TeacherRates