The World of Dragon Run

Al lives in a world ruled by dragons. Five mortal races - earthers, firekin, humans, waterfolk, and windwalkers - live peacefully together. Magisters, appointed by the dragons, use magic to protect people from natural disasters, invading monsters, and even diseases.

People in this world know their place. It is assigned to them in their twelfth year, in an annual ceremony called Testing Day. As Al approaches Testing Day, he's confident he’ll do well. He is the son of Overseer Orien Pilgrommor, and he has no doubt of his future.

But all is not as it seems. Al’s life is about to change in ways that will cause him to question everything he knows about his world.

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The Map

Everything south of the North Road belongs to Lord Gronar. His emblem is a river running out of the mountains. Lord Gronar bows to Lord Archovar, who rules over all the dragons.

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DragonRun Map
Map Design © 2012 by Mike Schley.
DragonRun Map RiverWay TheThumb Brighton Stelton PilgrommorHouse Castle Surflienne Dockside The North Road Mountain Way The Uillien Sadraki Tlirian The River Flienne The Waters Blessing The Fingers
Map Design © 2012 by Mike Schley.


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