Al Pilgrommor has spent his whole life knowing that dragons are the masters of humanity.

They are our creators, our teachers, and our protectors. They are as far above us as we are above insects. It is only right that they should rule, only right that we should obey.

Or is it?

Dragon Run is the story of a twelve-year-old boy who is shunned by society and on the run from ruthless assassins. With no magic, little money, and a sword he's not entirely sure how to use, he escapes into the wilderness, beginning a journey that will lead him to strange new friends, brutal enemies, heartbreaking betrayal, and the terrifying truth about his dragon overlords.

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About the Author

Patrick Matthews is a writer and game designer living in Central Florida. Featured in Scholastic Book Fairs and Book Clubs, Dragon Run is his first published novel. Take a look at www.pat-matthews.com to learn more about him.


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